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Howard Sleggs, LMT

Howard Sleggs was raised in upstate NY and has a love for the countryside and nature.  He met his wife Laura Sleggs, a Naturopathic Doctor, in Myrtle Beach lifeguarding.  They   Now live in conesus with there children Ayla and Benjamen.


Howard attended GCC in Batavia where he became a Physical Therapist Assistant in 2000.  He has always used Massage to ease the aches and pains of his physical therapy patients and furthered his Massage technique by attending Onodagawa School of Theraputic Massage.   He has also worked as a personal trainer specializing in functional training in Toronto.


Howard specializes in eliminating pain and healing soft tissue using a combination of modalities including hydrotherapy, range of motion, trigger point therapy, orthopedic and medical massage and deep breathing.  He also provides range of motion and recommends stretching exercises to balance muscle groups and improve posture. He gets results treating neck, back, and hip pain, however he can help with most any problem!  If you are wondering if massage can help your concerns give us a call!

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