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The following philosophy and principles of practice will be incorporated into your individual health plan.

First, do no harm

Primum No Nocere

Promote effective healthcare with the least risk for each patient. This is done by utilizing methods and medicinal substances that decrease the risk of harmful side effects, avoiding suppression of symptoms, and acknowledging and working with the individuals self healing ability.


The healing power of nature

Vix Medicatrix Naturae

Naturopathic physicians act to identify and remove obstacles to healing and recovery, and  facilitate the inherent self-healing process in each person.


Treat the cause

Tolle Causam

Naturopathic physicians strive to identify and remove the underlying cause of illness while avoiding the suppression of symptoms.


Doctor as Teacher


Naturopathic doctors act as role models for patient education and encourage self-responsibility for health.


Treat the whole person

Tolle Totum

Each person is unique with their own physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, genetic, environmental and social factors affecting their health.  Naturopathic doctors treat each patient as an individual.



Prevention is the Best Cure

Risk factors and susceptibility to disease are assessed and interventions are made to help prevent illness.


749 East Henrietta Road is located on the corner of East Henrietta Road and Crittenden Road off the 390 Exit. It is owned by Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Rochester and Dr. Laura has an office on the side of the building. 

Starting August 24, 2022 Dr. Laura will be located at 6386 Pucker St and it is located on a quiet country road. It is a gray cape cod with a covered porch, the second house on the right, coming from Sliker Hill Rd. 

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