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Hannah Smith


Hannah Brook Smith is a Certified Health Coach.  We are excited to have Hannah join our team as an adjunct to our practice and your health! 


Hannah is a 2020 Certified Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, certified in the Families program, Pregnancy Program, and Adults and Seniors program. Hannah is also a 2019 Landmark Forum Graduate, practiced in the art of communication, creating possibilities, and discovering clarity!


After 10 years of learning and personal practice to reclaim her own life and health after a near death experience with an E.Coli infection, Hannah found that she wanted to share her knowledge with others around lifestyle and health. Hannah can support you in your nutrition, sleep, exercise, zero-waste living, non-toxic living, and outdoor wellness! She can support all ages and genders with their wellness and lifestyle goals.


Hannah works to help clients set and achieve health goals and build new habits.  She can help to draw out all of the good habits and strengths you already have, but may not have used yet!


  • She help people discover the “why” behind their desired health change
  • She empowers people as the experts on their own bodies, minds, and circumstances
  • She help people identify challenges and blind spots that are preventing change
  • She provides support and accountability
  • She uses a broad knowledge of health and wellness to help people navigate a variety of health concerns

Experience Life Vibrantly.  She works with clients both individually and in a group.


Meal Prepping 

Pantry Makeover

Smart Shopping Trip

Kettleball Basics





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