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Fees for Service

Please recognize that naturopathic medicine represents a different model of care. Most medical doctors see patients for a very short period of time and therefore must treat most cases in a relatively generic fashion. Naturopathic Doctors give a great deal of time and thought to each patient.

Initial Naturopathic Visit (1.5 hours) - $289    

Initial Naturopathic Visit (1 hour) - $219 

Follow up Visit (45 min.)  - $149

Follow up Visit (30 min.) - $99                      
Acute Naturopathic Visit (15 minutes) - $50


A credit card is required to have on file to schedule your first appointment.  Missed appointments without two business days notice will be charged a $40 fee.                         
All telephone consults of more than 5 minutes duration - $20                        
Fees and Services are subject to change.

Insurance does not cover naturopathic medicine in New York State. The visit cost and recommended supplements can usually be paid for out of a Health Savings Account or Flex Spending Account as I am a licensed practitioner.  Please check your individual plan to see if it will cover naturopathic care.

Any recommended supplements or homeopathics are not included in the above fees. On average recommended supplements will cost $125-$300 per month depending on your health concern.

Payment Methods
We accept Cash, Check (payable to Dr. Laura Sleggs, ND), Credit and Debit cards. Payment for your appointment is required at the end of each visit.  A $30.00 charge will be applied for all returned checks.

Cancellation Policy

Any missed appointments or appointments cancelled less than 48 hours in advance will forfeit their deposit payment or will be charged $40 for an appointment and $20 for a 15 minute appointment.  By confirming your appointment you have confirmed that you have read and agreed to these conditions. This will allow for consideration of other patients who would also like to schedule an appointment.

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