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Virtual Health Consulting from the Comfort of Your Home with Naturopathic Medicine      607-661-5497                                                                              

Applied Kinesiology


During your visit Dr. Laura will talk with you about your health concerns and review your intake form.  She combines a wide variety of natural healing modalities in her care plan including herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, lifestyle changes, hydrotherapy, light therapy, sound therapy, and emotion code.  At each appointment she will use applied kinesiology and body talk to design a treatment plan that will work best for you.  This will aid her in assessing organ systems (sucn as large intestine, colon, kidney, adrenal, thyroid).  She will test for food sensitivities, metal toxicity, viruses, bacteria, parasites, candida, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and supplements.  


Dr. Laura has found that this method of testing has been an extremely beneficial part of her success in healing people.


It is important that she focus on the testing to get the best results.  She may be quiet some of the time to use intuition but she will share her findings with you during or at the end of the visit. Please be cognizant of the allotted appointment time so that she can complete each assessment for you.  She will ask you to lie on your back on the table and raise your left arm, which she will use for muscle testing. For children under 3, a parent will lie on the table and use their arm with the child sitting on the table.



What is Applied Kinesiology (aka Muscle Testing)?

The body has within it and surrounding it an electrical network or grid, which is pure energy. Because energy runs through the muscles in your body, if anything impacts your electrical system that does not maintain or enhance your body’s balance, your muscles will virtually “short circuit” or weaken (don’t worry, only temporarily). Things that might have an impact on your electrical system are thoughts, emotions, foods, and other substances.  During the testing you will feel your arm move, when it weakens this will give us a yes or no answer to determine the right treatment plan for you. It often feels like Dr. Laura is pushing harder on your arm to get it to move but she is actually using the same pressure during the whole treatment.  

Using your muscles, we can find what events or emotions “weaken” or “strengthen” your body. This process is called applied kinesiology but often is referred to as “muscle testing.” 

If your muscles moves that is a “yes” response. It’s your body’s signal that it agrees with something. If the muscles stays still that is a “no” answer. This process is fascinating and the clues we get can be invaluable to your healing.


How Does Proxy Muscle Testing Work For Phone Appointments?

Proxy testing is muscle testing that is done on myself, for you. Proxy testing works similarly to how cell phones work. Our bodies have a built-in capability to connect to or “call” someone else. When we do this, we create an energetic connection with them. Once you’re connected, you can get answers about what is going on with this other person’s body, because you’re picking up their energetic flow or signal. Proxy work can also be used to correct energetic imbalances on another too. Again, since you are connected to their energy field (and energy knows no space and time – just like when you’re thinking of someone and they call you!), it can be done regardless of distance

I simply ask questions and get answer through testing myself that reflect what’s going on in your energy system. Even though some people are skeptical, there is much knowledge of how this works in relationship to quantum physics and we don’t have to understand or even believe it for it be extremely accurate.



749 East Henrietta Road is located on the corner of East Henrietta Road and Crittenden Road off the 390 Exit. It is located in the Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Rochester  (UCC of ROC) office.  Dr. Laura & Howard have a separate entrance on the side of the building. 

Our Conesus Office is located at 6386 Pucker St., which is a gray cape cod with a covered porch.  It is on a country road and is the second house on the right coming from Sliker Hill Rd. 

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