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"Dr. Laura Sleggs is compassionate and thorough. I've been going to her for about a year and am in better health. Dr. Sleggs has helped me with my health concerns which have been cancer, blood pressure and heart arrhythmias."

-D. Barnes, Fariport, NY


"When Jaylan was 18 months old things slowly began to change.  Although she had been starting to talk she began talking less and less and then not at all.  Her personality changed and she turned into a zombie, she always wanted to be in a dark room she began flapping her hand and staring at it and experienced all kinds of pain.  She would cry all night, a cry like no other you have heard.  Then JJ was diagnosed with autism.  The medical doctors didn't have many answers for us.  Since meeting our DAN doctor, Dr. Sleggs ND, our lives changed drastically.  Jaylan was put on 3 specific diets.  Specific Carb diet, gluten and casein free diet and low oxalate diet.  We rid our home of toxins like cleaning products and Jaylan takes a dozen of different herbal medicines every day.  Three days after Jaylan began this her stomach pain stopped and she slept through the night.  Slowly over the past year her other symptoms ad side effects of autism and have lessened and she has become a new child.  Soon she began making eye contact again.  Her sensory issues lessened so clotheing and lighting didn't bother her so much.  She has started babbling and now plays with toys and watches TV again.  Spongebob Squarepants was even able to make her laugh, which was music to her mom's ears.  JJ has basically gone from the severe end of autism to the mild end."
 -S.Adams Macena, NY



"For years I had been diagnosied with gastritis, ulcers, IBS, constipation when not having diarrhea.  I have had bronchitis and cellulitis, spasms of my eyes with light sensitivity.  I tried to tell doctors that my whole body seemed to be experiencing inflamation.  After reciting this 2,3,4 timess to the nurse and doctor taking my history, they seemed to want to hear no more.  Treatment was to be done based soley on 2 to 3 symptoms.  I began to have extreme pain in my neck, arms, back and hips and dibilitating fatigue.  Three years ago I decided to try one more time and I wrote down all of the diagnosis and symptoms that had been troubling me and gave them to my PA. She then diagnsed me with fibromyalgia and I started taking Lyrica.  I had severe side effects - blurred vision, porr coordination, memory problems, headaches and after 3 weeks I stopped the medication.  My daughter got on the internet to plan coordinated care.  I ghought "run, don't walk to the naturopathic doctor."  I was already going to physical therapy and massage therapy.  I learned from Dr. Sleggs that Lyrica caused all of these symptoms as well as weight gain.  I found that I was intolerant of corn and dairy products and refined sugar which produced inflammation throughout my body. Antibiotics for all of the inflamation or infections had messed up the balance in my gut.  Probiotics are restoring this balance.  Herbal preparations are superior to treat infections in my intestinal system and these are healing my eyes and rosacea.  My skin seems more alive.  My immune system is much stronger and I have less sinus infections. I have been able to stop taking antidepressants, sleeping medications, and my thyroid medication has stabilized instead of going up and up.  I rarely take pain medication now.  I am 26 lbs lighter.  When I find people who are struggling with not finding help for medical problems I attempt to steeer them to a naturopathic doctor. I also no longer have Botox treatments to stop the spasms in my eyes.  Before Dr. Sleggs' treatments I was never able to drive.  Botox caused toxic swelling and painful lymph glands."

- B.L. Pollock, Fillmore, NY


"I was diagnosed in July, 2009 with early stage Parkinsons Disease by Dr. Knapp in Canandaigua. At that time Dr. Knapp told me there was nothing to do about my disease until the symptoms progressed to the point that they adversely affected my daily activities. The plan of action was not acceptable to me. My wife and I wanted to seek a professional who could help us to be proactive in delaying the onset of severe Parkinsons symptoms. I am 62 years old. We interviewed several Naturopathic Physicians and really liked the approach and experience we found in Dr. Laura Sleggs. I started to see Dr. Sleggs just two weeks after my initial diagnosis. Since I started this doctor/patient relationship Dr. Sleggs has prescribed me many natural supplements which have improved my overall health and have enabled me to completely stop taking Lipitor for high cholesterol and my antidepressant medications. I have more energy that I have in years, sleep more soundly and no longer suffer with feelings of despair or depression. When I started to see Dr. Sleggs I suffered from mild right hand tremors.  Dr. Knapp predicted I would need to begin taking levadopa or some other Parkinsons medications within 18-24 months.  Since the common side effects of levadopa are many, including confusion, constipation, diarrhea; dizziness; drowsiness; dry mouth; headache; increased sweating; loss of appetite; nausea; taste changes; trouble sleeping; upset stomach; urinary tract infection; vomiting, and the severe side effects can include rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue); black, tarry stools; blood in vomit; chest pain; confusion; depression; fast or irregular heartbeat; fever; hallucinations; mental or mood changes; muscle pain or unusual stiffness; new or increased involuntary movements; severe abdominal pain; severe lightheadedness or fainting; sore throat; thoughts of suicide; unexplained fever or sweating; unusual bruising or bleeding; unusual or painful movements or spasms of the face, eyelids, mouth, tongue, arms, hands, or legs, you can understand why I would like to avoid this medication as long as possible. I am now 20 months since initial diagnosis and while my hand tremors are a little more intense, this remains my only symptom of Parkinsons Disease.  At this time I see Dr. Sleggs once every three months for follow-up. I am so grateful to Dr. Sleggs for her knowledge of the human body and how natural supplements can keep us healthy and actually reverse the disease process, allowing our bodies to heal from within."
-R.P., Rochester NY


"After suffering from an extreme and debilitating case of vertigo, I was very grateful to finally find the help I needed in Dr. Laura Sleggs. Before seeing Dr. Sleggs, I saw 9 different doctors and health care professionals, and I did not find relief until I followed the treatment that she prescribed. The treatment and the care that I received from Dr. Sleggs was in stark contrast to the other treatments that I received. Instead of prescribing a strong medicine that only dealt with my symptoms, Dr. Sleggs treated my whole system so that my body was stronger.  Within 3 days of treatment I saw my symptoms disappear. Not only was the vertigo gone, but I felt more energetic. She customized a treatment plan just for me. This is not one size fits all medicine, like many doctors prescribe. The care and the way that Dr. Sleggs interacted with me was different than any other doctor that I have ever seen in the past. It was not the typical doctor visit where I had just minutes to describe what was wrong and to try to ask my questions if there was time- which there often was not.  Instead, Dr. Sleggs sat down with me and carefully went through my symptoms and took a detailed history of my health. She patiently listened and made sure that I had time to ask all of my questions. I am very grateful for the many recommendations that Dr. Sleggs has made to help me improve my health; they have greatly improved my quality of life. Not only did she treat my vertigo (which I have been told is a very difficult problem to cure), but she has also helped me to make better choices everyday. There have been many times where I have not known which food is healthy, it seems as if everyday there is a different directive from the media about what we should eat. Dr. Sleggs’ solid recommendations, which I believe are rooted in her extensive schooling, have helped me to sort through much of the misinformation that is in the media. After seeing Dr. Sleggs I feel as if I have the tools and the information to make healthier decisions about what I eat and how I live. I cannot recommend Dr. Sleggs enough. After being treated by her, I am confident that she can help many people with many different types of ailments. After my interactions with Dr. Sleggs, I am convinced that she is a gifted physician and that naturopathic medicine is far superior to traditional western medicine."
- Christine Wernet, Ph.D.
   Associate Professor of Sociology


749 East Henrietta Road is located on the corner of East Henrietta Road and Crittenden Road off the 390 Exit. It is located in the Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Rochester  (UCC of ROC) office.  Dr. Laura & Howard have a separate entrance on the side of the building. 

Our Conesus Office is located at 6386 Pucker St., which is a gray cape cod with a covered porch.  It is on a country road and is the second house on the right coming from Sliker Hill Rd. 

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