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Biotherapeutic Drainage

Biotherapeutic Drainage is the therapeutic use of homeopathics, botanicals or trace minerals to facilitate the elimination of toxins out of the body. Often the term is shortened to “drainage” for simplicity, or to imply what is needed from a therapeutic perspective: directed detoxification to the whole system or to specific organs or tissues. Dr. Laura combines single homeopathic remedies and Unda numbers as a form of biotherapeutic drainage. UNDA numbers were created over 50 years ago in France. They are a homeopathic preparation of plant and mineral substances. The plant part of the UNDA number has an affinity for certain organ systems in the body such as digestive, cardiovascular or respiratory. The minerals restore proper biochemical funtion to the cell. They are extremely potent medicines yet gentle and safe at the same time. These remedies encourage the body to detoxify by enabling the cells to work more efficiently, and eliminate waste effectively. When the body is able to rid itself of toxins that inherently build up in the cells the body is better able to heal itself.  

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